ZIYATECH, the enterprise mobile management solution provider in China.

Company Profile

ZIYAtech is one of the leading Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution providers in China. Our proven business solution offerings have both products - ZIYA EMM ( as well as NAZA MEAP and TPush Messaging Platform ) and enterprise mobile solution consulting services. Originally as the EMM operation of Shanghai Techown Information Technology , ZIYAteach has accumulated over 12 years of mobility application development, implementation and consulting services. With those solid mobility experience and sound industry reputation, we have over 30 IP registrations in China. In the meanwhile, ZIYAtech has established international strategic alliances network which ensures that ZIYA solution is in sync with the industry trends. Our goal is to bring our  clients the most advanced mobile management experiences with ZIYAtech's global vision and local understanding.
We have built the foremost mobile information technology developers group in China. In the past decade, ZIYA EMM solutions, NAZA Mobile Middleware and TPush Messaging Platform become the well-defined market leading solutions crafted by ZIYAtech.
In this market, we introduced the first local MDM (Mobile Devices Management) solution; we were the first practitioner of BYOD implementation in China. From MDM to EMM, we announced the first Chinese product suite offering, and we designed ZBOX - the engineered system for EMM application. We completed the Mobile Portal concept from definitions to products and we set up the first enterprise level message push service center here. 
In ZIYAtech, we believes in partnerships!  In our partner portfolios, Lenovo, Huawei, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and Oracle are names in the platform and device manufacturers tier . To meet the business demands from our enterprise customers, we also team up with China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.  Other than the R&D investment made by ZIYAtech, we also established strategic alliances with selected product vendors and solution providers, which may enrich our solution offering through integrations. Our solution partners include Array, Coremail, WPS, IMO, etc. 

Our efforts have been well recognized in the market and among the industry groups. Here is some of the awards go to the ZIYA solutions:
· Golden Award winner – Int’l Soft China 2014
·Golden Award and Innovation Award winter – Int’l Soft China 2013
· Reputable Brand 2013 - CCIA ( China Computer Industry Association )



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